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Good Friends. Good Times. Good Memories.

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A place to call home.

Genesian Port was founded years ago when a lone pirate established a small camp along the shore of the Tamber Gulf. Situated just across the water from the infamous Port Kar, Genesian Port was a smugglers paradise in those early days. Tunnels and caves were utilized to transport goods of all varieties to and from Port Kar and cities across Gor. As the settlers family grew and others joined, the proper city rose above the tunnels that still twist and travel beneath the homes and businesses.

The original founder of the settlement now serves as the cities Administrator, however an Ubar has taken power as well. The Ubar is hungry for war to help conquer more of the gorean world and grow the power of the city. Smugglers still utilize the tunnels under the city to transport all manner of legal and illegal goods. Some are stolen while others are merely hidden to avoid taxes.

When you enter the city, you are greeted by a large open market around a lush garden. You may not expect the secrets of the city that lurk around every corner. Opportunity is waiting for you in Genesian Port - from the merchants that run shops, Inns, restaurants, bakeries, and bookstores - to the honor bound warriors guarding the lives of all who visit. 

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