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Sim Rules: Welcome


If you have a comment, concern, or suggestion, please notecard the information and provide it to any member of the admin team for review and consideration. These rules also apply to the Genesian Road, and both of the Thassa Inlet water sims. These rules are current as of 01/02/2022. More recent updates may be available in the landing zone of the Genesian Port sim.

Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse. You will be held accountable for your behavior on this sim. The rules may not cover every applicable situation. Admins of the sim have the final say. If you are asked by an admin to do or not do something, please be mature, respectful, and abide their decisios.


•    Everyone must wear a ZCS meter at all times.
•    No Female Avatar Outlaws/Mercs/Warriors/Assassins
•    Avatars must be at least 5'6" (162cm) tall to roleplay here. 
•    BTB Gorean clothing and dress required. If you need examples, please check out our welcome area that has pictures. No child, emo/goth, or ungorean attire. If an admin says change - change.
•    Only legal, Gorean-type weapons allowed - See allowed weapons list.
•    Keep all OOC chat out of local. Only Admins & Moderators are to be in OOC mode in public.
•    While we do allow alts here, you may only play one character per avatar and no more than two alts for the same typist. Only one alt may be logged in and active in a scene and we actively discourage parking alts on sim when not actively engaged in roleplay.
•    Do not shout roleplay unless you are in danger and shouting for help, or have a valid IC reason to shout such as announcing a special sale at a business. One shouted post per 24 hours for announcements or advertising, and must include actual spoken words. Shouting actions without any spoken words is disruptive to roleplay and unnecessary.
•    No jumping, gestures that chat in local except those used for weapons, or gestures that play any music.


Contacting sim mods should be a last resort. We expect both residents and visitors to behave as adults. The ruling of a mod is final.
•    Roleplay in Genesian Port is in the BTB Gorean genre based upon the Books of Gor by John Norman.
•    Try and settle any disputes with the involved parties first in IM’s and if the RP is causing one or more parties to feel OOCly uncomfortable, try to discuss and redirect the RP.
•    We do not MOD roleplay unless the behavior is extreme or directly violates a sim rule and the basic premises of the genre. We expect the typists to act maturely and handle things ICly.
•    We do not MOD IMs. Everyone roleplaying here is expected to act like an adult and settle disputes as such. Disagreements in IMs should be settled by those involved. If you are being harassed in IMs, you can file a report with Linden Labs, and mute the offending party.
•    Any roleplay that might effect the sim or it's citizens as a whole must be cleared previously by the sim's Administration. 


•   Panthers are encouraged to be in disguise if they enter Genesian Port however do not have to be in disguise when in the lower tunnels, or if they enter with the purpose of theft only. NOTE: They can be captured on sight without 30 minutes of roleplay if not in disguise. There were no panther raids on cities.
•    If a panther wishes to trade, there is a trade bell.  In this case they do not have to be in disguise, if they wish their identity to be known. Stepping past the "Welcome to Genesian Port" sign negates the safe zone and panthers may be captured without further roleplay.
•    Anyone who utters threats and belittling comments during trade negate the protection of the trade zone and may be captured without further roleplay.


•    Animal roleplayers need to get approval from a sim admin before roleplaying here.  Once approved, they must be metered at all times.
•    Roleplay is fine but Kur raids must be approved by a moderator or admin. Please be aware most Kur would be attacked/killed on sight. 


Types of behavior that could get you banned:

•    Personal insults in group chat or ooc in local. 
•    Repeated negative thought emote/insults.
•    Publicly posting others RP without their consent.
•    Metagaming/ Godmodding
•    Misuse of alts (Alts are allowed but cross-character RP & metagaming is not)
•    Any other OOC behavior deemed by the mods to be disruptive or abusive.


•    The housing area in the sky above the Genesian Road sim is a non-combat area except for within the arena.
•    Aggressors who intend on abducting anyone in Genesian Port must adhere to the personal combat rules. If you fail to abide the personal combat rules, the person you are abducting may opt to invalidate the kidnap or follow the roleplay but no rescues will be attempted.
•    We want to encourage people who may want longer term story-lines while at the same time also ensuring that preferences are respected without any drama and also not tying up the sims with endless raids. If a captive is taken, we will make a reasonable number of attempts to rescue. At the end of 3 days it is understood that the captor and captive will work out between the two of them as responsible adults whether to rp the captive returning home (if the captive wants) or extending the rp for a fixed or indeterminate period of time. Should the captive stay beyond 3 days there will be no more attempts to rescue and it will be assumed the captive is lost until he or she returns.
• Arranged Kidnap or capture via IMs will not be recognized as a 'real' kidnapping, and it will be on the RPers involved to deal with the return or end of the abduction.
• In all cases, after 3 days the city guards will find some clue as to where the victim is being held and a trade attempt can be made at that point unless the person abducted wishes to remain in the RP, this shall be handled by sim leaders (Ubar, commander, or Magistrate first before general sim members take on this role to avoid everyone stepping on each other or white-knight rescues that interrupt RP)
• Abductions that are deemed Poaching - (repeated stealing of slaves for example to the same sim) may result in a ban.
•   Personal combat and capture requires 30 minutes of roleplay before meter damage except in the following situations:
        - Panthers leaving the docks but not in disguise may be captured on sight, and roleplayed AFTER capture.
        - Anyone that runs to avoid capture WITHOUT POSTING ANYTHING or anyone that leaves chat range during a 
        capture attempt may be downed but must get a total of 30 minutes roleplay before leaving the city/sim.
        - Anyone with a capture on sight issued by the Ubar may be downed on sight, and roleplayed AFTER capture.
•    Personal Combat is when two or more role players engage in ZCS metered combat due to a role play situation
•    Raids are not included as Personal Combat, 3 or more roleplayers operating as a group is a Raid. 
•    Any role players who engage in fighting outside of sparring or raid parties must obey these rules
•    At least two posts have been posted by the victim of an attack during these 30 minutes
•    Every participant gets one post after first person draws their weapon in a roleplayed post to allow all others a chance to draw or run.
•    If personal combat has already begun between two or more people, anyone else can join in on that fight.
•    No metered beasts (animal avs) except Kurii allowed in combat within city limits.


If any home, business or office is broken into forcibly, a notecard of the RP must be given to the owner/HoC and whatever was taken should be listed and/or itemized. 
• Clues must be left in RP that would point back towards the trespasser, ie: Stray hairs found on the scene, footprints, torn bits of fabric, etc. Realistically, some clue would remain behind, including clues that may point at another party or mislead the investigation.
• Any NPC guards rezzed must have a dice roll of attempt to sneak past the guard. One roll per guard. 1-75 = seen. 75-100 = undetected.
• Minimum of 30 minutes of roleplay to start a fire, 60 minutes of roleplay for breaking in and theft.
• Upon departure, a dice must be rolled to determine damage of a fire as even when people are offline there would be people sleeping, guards roaming the area, slaves doing chores, or others to see and start putting out the fire. 1-25 = minor damage, does not impede business. 25-75 = structural damage, does not require closing, does require repairs. 75-100 = major damage requiring temporarily closing establishment


• Some situations will occur when one party in the roleplay will wish to fade to black.  If this occurs, the other party must provide a summary of what occurred to the person that faded to black.  They must come to an agreement on what occurred, as to be able to roleplay the consequences of said action afterward.  If this is not done, then the roleplay does not have to be carried through with after the fade to black.


•    Death can be a roleplay killer so we do not encourage it here. However, we realize it may be part of the story in some situations. Permanent death of a character is a personal choice and those not wishing to end their character may RP serious injuries with no memory of how they occurred and 24 hours before re-entering roleplay. Death requires 30 minutes of roleplay before any meter combat and an additional 30 minutes of roleplay after the victim is bound for a total of 60 minutes.
All kills are to be reviewed by an admin/moderator, unless both parties agree fully with the kill.


•    No dual grouping with other BtB groups.  We can make exceptions for characters that travel between cities such as Musicians, Assassins, Merchants etc. for example.  Contact an admin for further clarification and/or permission to do so.
•  Using ALTS to be members of multiple groups is frowned upon and anyone found doing so and using it to Metagame or manage others RP will be banned.

Sim Rules: List
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